Student Assistance Program (SAP)

The Student Assistance Program (SAP) is a school-based approach to providing focused services to students. Groups address academic, emotional or social issues, or mental health needs. The Student Assistance Program assesses students’ needs and provides them with support and referral to appropriate resources. The overarching goal of SAP is to remove barriers to education, so students may achieve their academic potential. This program is available thanks to the California Mental Health Services Act. There is no cost to the client for these services.

  • S.S. Grin – S.S. Grin (Social Skills Group Intervention) is a group focusing on social and emotional skills. Bullying and resiliency are also addressed in the group. Participants learn through games, role-play, brainstorming, and hands on activities. Groups are available at our mountain elementary schools during the school day.
  • Positive Action – Positive Action is an educational program that encourages excitement of learning. The group teaches students that positive feelings are the result of good behaviors. They learn to work in cooperation with others in the group. Results include reduced behavioral problems and increased academic achievement.
  • Bullying in the Girls World – Bullying in the Girls World is a group for middle school girls focusing on skills to address girl bullying. Students learn through role-play what bullying looks like and the negative impact it can have on lives. The group also teaches skills needed to reduce girl bullying and its harmful effects.
  • Jellybean Jamboree – Jellybean Jamboree is an educational program focusing on various social and emotional skills for Kindergarten aged children. Puppets help the students learn to problem-solve, handle anger, examine their emotions, how to be a good friend, and develop confidence. Lessons are interactive and include fun-to-do activities.
  • Therapy – Therapy is available to students of Rim of the World School District through this program on a limited basis.

If you are interested in learning more about the Student Assistance Program please call Erin or Kaylee at (909) 336-1800.