NCTI Crossroads Education

Rim Family Services provides educational services in the Rim of the World School District. Classes are held on campus during regular school hours. The National Curriculum Training Institute developed the curriculum used for these classes. The California Mental Health Services Act provides funding for this program. There is no cost to the client for the services provided.

  • Truancy – Youth develop an understanding of the relevance of school and in setting goals for graduation. They learn techniques to help them be successful in their academic career.
  • Anger Management – The Anger Management group assists youth in learning skills to avoid confrontational situations, manage their emotions, and gain better self-control. The curriculum uses role-play and scenarios to assist in the learning process.
  • Drug & Alcohol Education – The participants in this class learn the dangers of drug or alcohol use or abuse. Students learn alternative ways to cope with stress, identify factors that influence behavior, and learn skills to avoid substance use and develop a healthy, positive life-style.

Please call for more information or to enroll your child. Ask for Alex (909) 336-1800.